The Knox-Box System

For years the fire company maintained a key chain with the keys to many businesses and residences throughout our first due territory. The purpose was to reduce the cost of damage to a business or residence owner when we received a call for service that required us to enter the building or residence.
Knox Box System


Maintaining this key ring to alarmed buildings and residences became increasingly unmanageable due too its size and the number of keys that we had to carry on the apparatus. The company officers evaluated the benefit of the program and decided it was a program we would like to continue but another way to accomplish it had to be found.

The company looked at several alternatives and finally decided upon the Knox-Box Rapid Entry System due to its outstanding security features. The program has been well received throughout the community and continues to expand on a daily basis.

Construction & Design

Knox-Boxes are constructed of ¼ inch solid steel with a ½ inch steel door and reinforced locking mechanism. They are UL listed against physical attack and the Medeco security lock is patented and UL listed for drill, pick and pull resistance. The master key to the box is kept only by the fire company and is secured in a special locking encoder that is permanently mounted inside our apparatus. The key can only be released for use after special security procedures are followed.

Knox-Boxes are purchased directly from the Knox Company with the assistance of the fire company. Once installed near the entrance to your property, the fire company locks your building entrance key inside the Knox-Box so that it is available onsite for future emergencies.

10 Reasons to Install a Knox Box System on Your Home or Business

  • Eliminate needless, costly forced entry damage that may not be covered by your Insurance deductible.
  • Assure immediate building entry by firefighters without delay or waiting for building keys.
  • Protect inventory, equipment and supplies from unnecessary water damage caused by delayed sprinkler shut-off.
  • Satisfy local fire codes and emergency access ordinances.
  • Save time and aggravation by not having to drive to your establishment at 2 a.m. for a false alarm.
  • Feel secure about emergency coverage when your building/residence is left unattended. The Fire Department holds the only key to the Knox-Box.
  • Maintain building security after a fire alarm investigation by simply re-locking the undamaged door.
  • Protect your property from thousands of dollars in damage with this one-time, low cost investment.
  • Depend on the highest lock box security available with attack resistant, UL tested reliability.
  • Over the last 27 years, Knox-Box has been the chosen solution in 7,000 communities nationwide - communities just like ours.

Participating in the Knox System is Simple

Select the appropriate Knox device in consultation with the fire company and obtain an approval signature from the authorized Knox Box Officer. Complete the Authorization and Order Form and pay particular attention to the following sections: Ordered By, Ship To, and Installation Address.

Total the cost for the items ordered and attach a check made payable to Knox Company. Mail completed form and check to:
The Knox Company
17672 Armstrong Avenue
Irvine, California 92614

To Order a Knox Box

  • Contact the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company, Incorporation
  • Ask them for an Authorization/Order Form
  • Complete all of the information requested on the form
  • Obtain an authorized signature from the fire department
  • Send your order with payment to the Knox Company

For any additional information visit the Knox Box Company website.